Have you got an apple in Silent Night?


   Silent Night, which is also called Christmas Eve, is one of the Christmas holidays in most Christian nations. However, for the integration of Chinese and Western culture, it has turned into an international holiday in nowadays.


   Traditionally, people usually decorate Christmas tree in Silent Night. However, with Christmas celebrating activities being put ahead of time, for example, many Christmas trees were decorated a few weeks before Christmas, thus Silent Night doesn’t only mean the night of December 24th till now, it also means Christmas Eve, especially the whole day of December 24th. But for it is easy to create festival atmosphere at night, big celebrating activities are usually held at night. So people call it Silent Night which makes it more apposite. At that time, thousands of westerners will rushed to their home for family reunion. One essential celebrating activity of Christmas night is party. Most Europe and America families will reunite at home and have a fancy dinner, and then they will sit around the stove, playing music and singing and enjoying the happiness of a family union; or they will hold a fascinating costume ball to celebrate Christmas night, a happy, peaceful and triumphant Silent Night and reunion night, all night long. Children look forward to Christmas. It’s said that Santa Claus will sent present to the children’s stocking at the Christmas night.


   It’s said that only China has the customs of sending an apple in Silent Night, because Chinese people emphasis harmonic tone. For example, Chinese people will place peanuts, red dates and lotus nuts under the quilt in the wedding night, meaning “May you soon (a homophone for the word “red date” in Chinese) have a healthy baby”. Silent Night is Christmas Eve. Christmas day is December 25th, and then Silent Night is the night of December 24th. “Ping” in apple (Pingguo) is same as the “Ping” in safety (Ping’an), thus Chinese people give apple an auspicious meaning “safety”. That’s why Chinese people sent apple in Silent Night. People sent an apple to other to bless them safe and sound in a new year.


    You should eat the apple you got in Silent Night.

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