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         Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Jinan, Besesun Translation Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Besesun Translation”) also has branch inBeijingandQingdao. It plans to establish branches inWuhan,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Chengdu,Changsha,Xi’an, etc. in three years. As a global leading supplier of language solution, Besesun Translation has been the nominated translation company of 2014 the 3rd China and South Korea International Exposition, recommend translation service supplier of the 4th World Solar Energy Congress, oral translation service supplier of Shanghai World Expo and partner of World Landscape Art Exposition,. It has obtained the certification of ISO9001:2000 International Quality System. Besides, our company is the member of Translators Association of China and Translators Association of Shandong Province and the professional training organ of CATTI and Business English. We plan to develop the company into a translation practice base and translator training base for famous universities such asShandong University,ShandongNormalUniversity, Shandong University of Finance and Economics and so on. And “Besesun English”, an authoritative English training brand of Besesun, is a preferred translation training brand inShandong. With high teaching quality, large enrollment scale and professional and perfect translation training base, Besesun English aims to cultivate translator which has global vision and conforms to international standard through comprehensive, three-dimensional and interactive teaching.


“Besesun English” owns qualified teachers and elites. Translation teachers are mainly English journalist of the CCTV international channel, English editor of China Radio International (CRI), member of International Association of Conference InterpretersAIIC, senior translator of UN and EU, simultaneous and consecutive interpreter for the diplomatic meetings of main leaders of various countries, simultaneous and consecutive interpreter for the international communication and development meetings and Lu Ming, vice director of the CIPG Evaluation Center of CATTI; in “Besesun English”, you can also retake the course if you failed the CATTI. We will invite teachers of CATTI programming group and members of International Association of Conference InterpretersAIICto held internal lectures, thus the students can contact with the senior interpreter for main leader’s diplomatic meetings. In “Besesun English”, students can not only broaden their horizon, but also become more interested in English. And with the help of “Besesun English”, they can pursuit their dream.


However, with the continuous development and grow, the company also faced some problems from its establishment to the present. Customs pay more and more attention on the quality of translation. Some big customs such as Haier, Hisense, PetroChina and Sinotruk are strict with translation quality, thus translator who haven’t passed CATTI is not competent to this job. Therefore, as the whole domestic translation market, our company is short of middle and high-end translators. We have to use translators in the main first-tier cities such asBeijingandShanghaibecause local translators can not satisfy the requirements of some projects. Our company’s vision is to be the leader of domestic translation market and main force for the development of Chinese translation industry. However, lacking of qualified translator, we can’t achieve our goal. Learning from the painful experience, we decide to cooperate with colleges and universities inShandongto establish “Besesun English” training, aiming to train high-end translators and international talents and achieve our vision. Taking the student’s actual condition, we launch this “Free Translation Training” plan to help you achieve the dream of getting a job with annual salary of 100 thousand yuan. At that time, you don’t have to admire others, let others admire us!

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