III. File type
Management type:business letter, selling manual, market research, finance analysis, business license, contracts and articles, tendering and biding documents, annual reports, business reports, certification, accounting audit report, assessment report, research report, industry standard, company introduction, business plan, financial analysis, marketing plan, equity transaction, news release and propaganda advertisement.
Laws document: laws and regulations, contract agreement, notarial certificate, statement of charges, written judgment, mediation document, tender, notice, letter of intent, prospectus, certificate and demonstration, certificate of non-criminal record, patent information, justice/arbitration document, government document, diplomatic document, auction file, and industry management regulations.
Private material: CV, application for admission, application for employment, certificate, transcript, evidentiary material, notarial certificate, visa application, correspondence, invitation, letter of authorization, international certificate, academic, name cards, all kinds of certificates, driving license, passport, and property ownership certificate.
Technological material:product explanation for large equipments and producing line, operating manual, project bidding, tender, technological manual, construction project material, bidding documents, technological standard, industry standard, operating guide, technological drawings, patent material, implementation plan, and drawings.
IV. Solution
  • 1.Effective task management with high rotating efficiency facilitates realizing high efficient project management and automatic period analysis so as to help the project manager to carry out high efficient and reliable dispatching management and effective control of the process document, fully improving the efficiency of version splitting and combination during document conversion and delivery.

    3Flexible management system for interpreter resource can reduce the cost and improve the efficiency. The information and resource can be automatically matched according to tasks and content before translation including the persons or organizations related to translation, review and composition and the possibly related referring text and material. Translator and interpreter management: translator or interpreter’s working capacity can be accurately evaluated through perfect evaluation system and growth mechanism for the translator and interpreter.
  • 2.Perfect information management and comprehensive statistics break through traditional management limits, the information can timely reach and inform receptor in multi–channels, and the information can be timely sent to multiple relevant links. Data analysis: Provide the statistics functions for projects’ workload and for cost as well as an evaluation system for translator and interpreter, accurately and objectively reflect project data information, and carry out quantitative statistics for interpreter and translator work.

    4.Transparent process control and customer’s online supervising are convenient for project manager to control the schedule of projects. Customer only needs to link with clients and then can check the status of projects processing, with higher controllability. Project manager can check translator’s status and submission progress online through project management module. Strict process control system realizes that the translation decides the quality. Establish the 2824 system to realize that translator decides the quality, completely eradicating the traditional concept that the proofreading decides the quality.
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