Besesun Translation Service Co., Ltd. is the global leading supplier of language solution and the new supplier of language & information service in IT Era. It has passed certification of ISO9001:2000 International Quality System. Besides, our company is the member of Translators Association of China and Translators Association of Shandong Province and the designated training organ of CATTI

     Besesun Translation carries out whole-process quality tracking and quality promise on translated works, and provides language service for customers by depending on strict talents selection and rating mechanism and by adopting the method of integrating artificial intervention and PC intelligent language treatment technology.

     Depending on the powerful resources system and advanced translation platform to satisfy customer’s demand, Besesun Translation provides professional language solution for global customers and facilitates customers to constantly make profit within a favorable business environment.

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  • Main service: translation, interpretation, training, localization.
  • We are dedicated in: tender document translation, technical manual translation, equipment installation interpretation, Oversea engineering dispatch service
  • Consult phone number: 400-668-6761
  • Office city: Beijing, Jinan, Qingdao, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chendu, Guangzhou, Xian
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